Thursday, March 19, 2015

A toast!

Howdy! Hard to believe we are at the end of another week! Our days are so full that the weeks seem to fly by. Eliana is on spring break this week, which means I am on spring break so no preschool or teaching this week! It has been weird and nice to have a quieter week. I am getting used to running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I guess!

On Sunday, Ben and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We didn't have any big plans and it actually was a very busy day. Zakkai got up with me bright (dark) and early to go clean the office I clean at 6am, since I couldn't fit it in later in the day. (You know, I kind of actually wanted to see Ben on our anniversary!!) We rushed home in time to get ready for church but had to drive separate cars since Eliana had a movie birthday party right after church. We got to go see Cinderella! We both really loved it!! She dressed up in a pretty dress that her Mugga made for her, complete with a tiara, of course! It was fun.

We came home to find our 3 best guys watching a movie and hanging out. Eliana was beyond tired after a busy day Saturday and no nap on Sunday so we had to get out of the house to help her make it til dinner. It was beautiful and sunny and warm so we all went and walked a trail at a nearby park. Halfway around the trail Ben said, "You know, this is the way we should spend our 12th anniversary." Surrounded by our little family, evidence of all that God has given us and brought us through in the past 12 years!

We fed those munchkins super fast, got them all in bed early and celebrated with dinner by ourselves!! It was like eating out....except without the tip, intruding waiters and surrounded din:)

We feel so incredibly blessed that we are standing strong, hand in hand, after so many very challenging years. We are quite simply, the very very best of friends and companions; ready to walk the next 60+ years together with God at our side, continuing to fall in love and learn more every day what it really means to love the one you committed yourself to.

I couldn't have imagined all those years ago as a love-struck 21 year old what it would really feel like to have your soul knitted to another person as deeply as mine is to Ben's. And though the years don't go as smoothly as you dream of when you're floating down the aisle in your white dress or nervously perspiring up by the altar in your black tuxedo, they are richer, fuller, deeper and truly more amazing than you really ever could have dreamed of. Good times, bad times, sick times, healthy times, dry times, bountiful times, silent times and full times. All of them!

"There is no more lovely, friendly, or charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."  Martin Luther King.


gramdma said...

You two are light on a hill..We need more good marriages like yours..It is not easy but you go though the years hand and hand with our Lord..You are blessed..

Aunt Terri said...

Lovely words. So happy that you have each other in this life together on Earth.

Grandma W said...

Heidi, I want to say to you and B that your marriage and family is a shining light in a hurting world. I know it has not been easy, but you both have kept your priorities through out your marriage. Raising the kids is a high priority for you, and not an inconvenience as with so many parents. I know I have said it before...they will soon begin to see that their parents are the exception, and their home is as God intended it to be. They will see how other children do not know the love of a parent or the safety and warmth of a home as they do. I know I am bias...but it is the truth. I am so humbly proud of you and B. You have both been an example for many - including me. I tell people all the time that we can learn good things from our children...and I do! I love you both. I celebrate your 12 years with you and pray for many, many more years of growing and trusting in our God. By His grace, may your marriage continue to be a beacon in this world.