Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthentine's Weekend!

We have been so unbelievably busy around here! I got 2 new part-time jobs this week, one being another cleaning job and another being a preschool teacher! Eliana's teacher is leaving for another position somewhere else and called me earlier this week to ask if I would finish out the school year. Thankfully, it will work for me to get the boys to the bus stop and then leave immediately for preschool.
So now I clean 3 times a week some weeks and teach preschool 2 days a week. Add all regular activities and household errands on top of that and I am swamped! I had to turn down an extra day teaching at the preschool because I just knew I couldn't handle it. On Friday Ben was leaving for work and he said, "Don't take any more jobs today!" haha.
We've had a fun weekend. On Friday night we went to Ben's mom's house and had a birthday dinner for Ben and his grandma, whom he shares a birthday with. It was really fun! We had a yummy Olive Garden dinner and cake and played a game.
Yesterday morning we had a special treat and went to breakfast for Ben's birthday! We found a really inexpensive cute diner and had the best waitress! She even put a birthday candle in Ben's toast:) We ran a couple errands and got caught in a white-out on our way home. I have a couple cute pictures from breakfast but my phone keeps dying randomly so I can't get it right now. (gotta love technology!)

In the evening, Ben's mom came over and happily took on our Trio to allow us to go on a date! Can't remember the last time we actually got to go out on Ben's birthday (we don't celebrate the Valentine's Day part of it so he can feel special!) We went out to eat at PF Changs, which we loved and got some cheesecake and browsed at a bookstore. Our kind of date;)

Today it is FREEZING outside, so admittedly we played hookie from church which we never do but we've had 2 late nights and it was -2 out this mornings so....we stayed warm inside! We're having a dinner of popcorn and leftover muffins from breakfast and tucking everyone in their warm beds:)

A great ending to a great weekend!

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