Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun in the Sprinkler!

 Ready for picture overload?? It was a very pretty day yesterday and the landlords apparently ordered a lot of yard work done. When got home from school, sprinklers were being set up and it didn't take long for the boys to run outside and get wet! Eliana saw the brothers getting wet and immediately changed out of her beautiful princess dress and into a bathing suit!

The landlords are crazy about their grass and plants so I only let them run on the sidewalks to avoid any confrontation. (The boys got yelled at by one of the landlords this weekend for bouncing a ball into the bushes....but that's another story for another time!)

Even though I had to restrict them a little, they still had fun!

Here it comes...

Sprinkler rain!

Eliana had the time of her life running up and down the sidewalk with her brothers, getting wet. She is definitely a lot braver than the boys were at this age!

Zakkai came over on the less sunny side..

Handsome kid! Getting so big these days.

Eliana in action..

Pretty soon the boys drifted away and Eliana was the only one left:)

Samuel is looking so much older these days!

Well...until he makes faces like these:)

Well, Miss Thang!

Eliana, giving me the hands on the hips, because I told her it was time to go in for dinner. (With Mr. Z in the front causing trouble:)

Thinking about whether or not she wants to obey...

Poor thing got an enormous bruise on her leg from a run in with a shopping cart last week.

She's flying!

1,2,3 Go!

Love these critters of mine! (even when they drive me crazy:)

I'm sure you can forgive my blog neglect when you take into account that I am insanely busy right now! We went non-stop over the weekend and I finally hit a "wall" on Sunday afternoon and was too tired even for tears. My to-do lists are growing longer by the day!

On Friday, a friend who has a little girl Eliana's age and a little boy a few months older than Mr. C, came over to have one last play date. The girls play SO well together and had a great time!

Then in the afternoon, I took Mr C, Eliana and Zakkai grocery shopping and then we hurried back to collect our missing duo and went to C's house for dinner and a bonfire!

We had a really great time! It was a gorgeous day outside, that required sunglasses (!) and was perfect for grilling, cornhole and roasting marshmallows for s'mores! We really treasure our time with our good friends. Eliana and Zakkai fell asleep about 2 minutes after getting in the car:)

We woke up early Saturday and did some lunch prep and cleaning since we were having some friends over for lunch. Then we rushed over into the chaos of our downtown for the annual Pet Parade! It's a really nice parade every year the first Saturday after Memorial Day. There are lots of dogs (and a few other animals here and there) and floats, bands, local kid's organizations and candy. We sat/stood with our friends who were coming over for lunch. The boys stayed as close to the candy as possible!

It was a little on the warm side so we hung back in the shade:)

We let Eliana go up and get some treasures, too, and had to fight off some greedy nearby kids to get a few pieces of candy for E. I was a little annoyed, to say the least, when this one girl was snatching up candy out of people's hands, including Eliana! Watch out for the mama bear!

Samuel, having a good time:) We had a really great afternoon eating and hanging out and I even got to sneak out for the evening and go to Ikea with my friend! Sunday we raced home from church to feed the munchkins and rush the boys off to a birthday party. I managed to supervise the couch pick-up and run some errands before completely dropping in exhaustion. I need a vacation!

And last but not least, Eliana has decided that she no longer wants to wear pull-ups at night and she was very adamant that she wants to be a big girl now! We started a chart and she is doing AWESOME! Only one small accident a few days ago. She's the earliest to nighttime train out of all 3 of ours! She is working hard to earn a special prize next week, which she will be happy to show off for you:)
Up next, last day of school and the Goodbye Party!

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