Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More swimming and sweet teeth.

We are staying busy over here in Ohio. My niece has been spending lots of time with us and thinks her cousins are pretty cool:) We were a bit cooped up yesterday without a car and we were all going nuts by the time Ben got home! He had a 2 day job with my brother-in-law, which was nice.
Today, though, he left the car so that I could gain some sanity and get my cooped up birdies out and about!

I decided to snap some pics of our cuties while we were driving back to my grandparent's place the other day. Samuel was being moody but we coaxed a smile out of him and I took a picture to tease him:)

So then, of course, Miss E wanted a picture, too!

Zakkai insisted he wanted a picture all by himself. Poor kid gets stuck in the back of the van all the time because Samuel gets carsick very easily and claims the middle seat. Or dominates, I should say! We try to have them switch every so often, despite the grumbling from elder brother.

The two little girls had a fun bath the other day and neither one wanted to get out!! It will be so fun to see these two grow together:)

We were able to get some swimming in today before more thunderstorms came.

It's such a cute pool and the kiddos have a blast!

This is Zakkai listening to my mom telling him that if he is brave enough to go down the slide, she will go, too! That definitely peaked his interest!

Eliana's glasses matched her bathing suit perfectly!

My sweet Mama!

We had some sad news this week, too. My stepdad's brother passed away unexpectedly 2 days ago, which really shook everyone up. He was only 48 years old. It was really a tragic death and their youngest brother is suffering terribly, as they were beyond close. I will be going to the viewing/funeral on Thursday. He was a really quiet man, like my stepdad, but really nice and I was genuinely looking forward to seeing his brothers again now that we are back here. So very sad. We would definitely appreciate prayers for his brothers. (my stepdad and his youngest brother.) It will be very hard for them. Their parents also passed away at early ages and they only have a few aunts and uncles left.

Most of our family are heading out tomorrow for a family wedding so we will be all by our lonesome selves for almost a week. We keep teasing them that here we just moved to be close to everyone and they are all abandoning us! We may take some time to start hunting for a home. Ben also has a couple of interviews for some part time jobs lined up this week. We are praying things will start to come together soon.

If we stay here much longer, we will have to curb the dessert eating! My grandparents have some serious sweet teeth and it's a very bad influence on us;) We haven't minded too much, of course, as we have our own set of sugar-lovin' teeth but it will be good for us to behave!

Remind me of that when I start craving some of the Caramel Praline Pecan ice cream in the freezer tomorrow.....:)

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Charity said...

Love seeing both of the "E" cousins playing together. It reminds me of us growing up. What fun. Can't wait to see you all and be a part of the craziness for a whole week. Can you believe it? So rest up this week and enjoy the quiet cuz The Yoder's are comin' to town.....