Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wacky Wednesday (a day late:) and packrats!

 The first grade is doing all kinds of fun daily themes this week, including Top Hat Tuesday, Wacky Hair Wednesday, Think Beach Thursday and Fuzzy Friend Friday!

This is about as "Wacky" as we get around here:) The boys stopped begging me for colored hair spray/dye and are perfectly content with hair-gelled spikes! He looks pretty cute all spiky:) Today for the Think Beach Thursday, the kids got to dress in flip-flops, bring in a special drink, a beach towel and a book and read outside! Zakkai has really gotten into some new series lately, including some of my old favorites, "The Bobbsey Twins" and "The Boxcar Children!" Samuel never really loved either of those so it makes me happy to see these books read by Zakkai. And some are my books I saved from childhood! Z brought a Bobbsey Twin book to school today to read.

The boys are really soaking up their outside time with friends before we go. They play soccer and kick and catch (the "in" game at school this year) for HOURS outside! Samuel's soccer ball finally bit the dust the other day because it had been well-loved:) We had to order a new one for their soccer party next week!


I have been selling things left and right over here and practically am running my own Craigslist business:) Sometimes you just don't post things at the right time or it may not be a "hot item" and other times, you just hit the nail on the head! My family had better watch out or I may sell anything right out from under them!

We are really trying to lighten our load for our move to make it easier. There is no better time to purge, sell, give-away and toss than when you are moving! And I am on a roll, baby. I've sold a lot of toys that the kiddos have outgrown, just parted with our crib an hour ago (although I had to give that one away for free since it's a drop-side crib) and even sold our couch today! Yep, you read that right. Our couch. We have a super-heavy queen sized sleeper sofa that I worked hard to save up for by babysitting while pregnant with Zakkai and it is the bane of Ben's existence. Well, that and my piano:) (but that ain't for sale!)

The couch has been fine for us and very helpful when family has come to visit but it does have a broken support bar and it's so heavy that Ben really really hates to move it and put his foot down this time and said it had to go! I wasn't sure if I could sell it since it has the broken bar (we just put something under the couch to prop it up) but after no bites the first listing, I gave it one last shot and got 2 offers within a short period of time! Ben was very happy with me. So, as of Saturday afternoon, we'll all be fighting over our one big comfy chair:) Either that or the floor....

Also, my OH family is having a big garage sale tomorrow and we are hoping a lot of our stuff sells then, too. We need to save up for a new couch and a kitty and...eventually a table and some matching, non-broken chairs:) Sometimes I feel really good about all that we have been willing to part with and other times I look around at our stacks of boxes in the basement and corners of our dining room and feel a little overwhelmed!

I guess we're just at a stage of life, with 3 young children, that we have a lot of stuff and I need to get used to it. They do need some things to play with and there are five of us, which multiplies belongings rapidly! I've really come a long way since my old hoarding days!

My name is Heidi and I'm a recovering packrat.....

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grandma said...

Oh my it is happening..Your coming..I think it will be so fun..It will give us (I mean grandpa and I) a real lift..We are so praying for you all..Maybe you should join the pool while your here and maybe how about a team of some sort..I don't know if they are all over..Oh well you will be busy this summer..I am sure..Charity comes in on July that will be so fun..Lots happening..Call me!