Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moving Week!

 Oh my goodness. Moving is chaotic. Wow. Every day is filled with checkmarks off of lists. Lists of lists! We have lists coming out of our ears! I guess the good news is we are accomplishing a lot. The bad part is our house looks like a hurricane blew through it!

This morning, a very sweet friend came and took all three kiddos to play for a few hours and gave them lunch. We had 4 hours to work like dogs and we did! I got SO much done without "Mommy, mommy!" every 5 seconds. I do love my "helpers" but sometimes they are a little hindering to the whole packing process:)

Especially this little creature:)

She wanted me to take a picture of her new flip-flops! She was very well coordinated this day. She doesn't fully understand what is going on or what an actual move means but the busyness and chaos is definitely affecting her. She has been fully potty trained for a year now but is having accidents all over the place. Hopefully this will settle down soon!

A few days ago, Eliana woke up, put on her little leotard and told me she wanted to work out! I did not want to work out but she was an inspiration to me so we did a little Jillian Michaels together;) This is some exercise get-up! I'm not so sure I could pull off the same look...

The day before school ended, there was an "All School Celebration" at school with tons of fun activities including face painting. Samuel got a snake on one cheek...

And a green angry bird on the other:)

Here's our silly guy on the last day of school. He seems to be handling the move fairly well, although he is extra silly and distractible, which is really frustrating sometimes. He is just so wound up from everything going on. Boy, I hope we survive all of this!

We've had a lot of these faces, too, from E and S but we are working hard on that!

We are cramming in the good-byes and getting lots of special time with special people. We had a birthday party on Saturday, a graduation open house on Sunday, dinner with some of our neighbors on Sunday night and dinner out tonight with our special friends Mr. Chuck and Ms Sally, whom we adore. Being so social is exhausting! But as hard as the good-byes are getting, we love our friends so and will treasure all of these memories.

4 1/2 days and counting.....

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Grandma W said...

I am very much looking forward to having you all "home". But still mixed emotions about the move. I know you understand, totally. Please be safe. Love to all. Praying.