Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking for the bright side..

I heard it was 80 in Texas today.....Here? It was 30 and we got MORE snow! Even Eliana is officially through with winter. I told her yesterday that we were going to get more snow and she said, "But I don't want anymore snow!" No kidding, girlie.

But we try to look at the bright side when we can and the bright side today was that the trees were actually beautiful. The mix of rain and wind helped the snow stick to all of the trees so when you drove down the tree-lined street, it looked like you were driving under a canopy of frosting-covered trees. Really pretty.

However, bright side or not, go away winter!

Eliana and I went to MOPS today and I got to hear some advice from some more well-seasoned mamas. We have a "mentor" mother for each table, who is there to share her motherly wisdom and insights. Some of them seem so nice and grandmotherly:) We had to leave a little early to take Ben to get his license renewed. Somebody accidentally didn't know his license expired until he went to buy me Sudafed this weekend. Oops! (shhh! don't tell!)

Amazingly, we found a little express driver's license place a half hour away and B was in and out in less than 15 min! Unheard of around here. The people inside were apparently decently friendly, too. Also amazing. Let's just say that the majority of government run businesses in Chicago are not employing the happiest and softest of people. Actually, not just gov't but a lot of retail. I think they get so hardened by the people that they see day in and day out and the situations they have to deal with.

I was so amazed when we moved out to the 'burbs and started experiencing nice customer service on a regular basis! Something I do not take for granted.

*Samuel presented his poster today. His project got him so interested in space that he checked out a book about comets and asteroids from his school library:) I love when they get interested in different subjects!

*We are working out a few little bugs with our sticks system. It really has been wonderful; we've just had to tweak a few things. The weekends are run differently than the weekdays so we are adjusting to that and trying to figure out how discipline/punishments fit into the system and timing of our day.

Here is the chart I made. They earn an extra chore for each sign they have to take down and if they lose 3 in one day, they lose a colored stick. boo. Unfortunately, we had that happen for the first time today. Just really trying to crack down on not listening, arguing and talking back. It honestly hurts me as much as it does them. I know kids probably don't believe that but it is so true. Hopefully, it will only take a couple of times and it won't happen again.

*Zakkai got a couple of gift cards and a little $ for his birthday and bought some rollerblades!! He is SOOOO excited.

As you can see from his face:) The first night (in these pics) he couldn't stand up on his own and needed a lot of help but by the next afternoon of some basement practicing, he was doing great! He cannot wait for the ground and sidewalks to dry up so he can get outside and get roller blading! I have a feeling the boys will be roller blading and skateboarding alllll summer long:)

*I made a delicious dinner tonight called, "Coconut Curry Chicken." It's a crockpot meal and so easy. I will have to share the recipe next time, as I am way too lazy to get up right now:) It is different from things I normally make but it has such a good flavor between the coconut milk and curry. I serve it over rice and everyone gobbles it up!

*B and I are holding strong with giving up our sweets for Lent. It really is good for us on so many levels. Anytime I get really tempted and think I can't stand another minute without a little sweet, I say a prayer instead. The first few days were really tough but it's getting so much easier now. That doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to our one little treat on Fridays;)

My mom had a good suggestion since she and my stepdad are doing "clean eating." She said to make a smoothie in the evening if we are craving something. I have done it twice and just throw fresh and frozen fruit, some milk and spinach in the blender! I must've put in more spinach tonight though because Zakkai was like, "Um, why is the smoothie green??" But no one complained when they tasted it! I figure we are killing two birds with one stone: satisfying the sweet tooth and getting a good dose of extra fruits and veggies. Win win:)

Too bad chocolate isn't a fruit. That would be a dream come true and I know I'm not the only one that would think so! Chocolate addictions run in my family and I don't think anyone's ashamed to admit it....

I should probably stop writing about chocolate. It's not helping me:)

*Tomorrow night is the boys' spring concert at school and they are so excited. They've been humming and singing little snippets of songs for weeks now. I know Eliana will really enjoy seeing her big brothers up on the stage!

Hopefully I will have a few pictures to share......Have a great night!

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muggalove said...

Smoothies are great! And I plead the fifth over any questions as to chocolate addiction!