Friday, March 14, 2014

Not So Spring Concert!

Remember those frosted trees I told you about the other day? Here's a snapshot of a winter wonderland! Well, except none of us think it's a winter wonderland anymore:) Today was warmer so a lot of snow melted. The sidewalks are a nasty messy mix of mud and huge puddles. The grass that is now showing is also muddy and beyond saturated. The parts of grass that are not exposed yet are covered in snow piles that are a few inches deep to 3-4 feet deep. It will be a LONG time before we dry out!

Eliana got herself all prettied up as a ballerina the other afternoon, with dressy shoes and all:) Amazing how she can prance around in so little clothing on such a cold day!

Last night was the boys' spring concert! They have been SO excited all week and were practically bouncing off the walls all afternoon. The music teacher said that originally they were hoping that the snow would be gone and our days would be spring-like in time for the concert. Unfortunately, we all know it's not-so-spring like around here yet! At least it was springy inside. This was the first grade singing. Each grade had a spring theme. First grade's song themes were "Everything Grows."

Z is in the left middle. Hard to see in a sea of green!

The second grade theme was "Seasons Change" and third grade was "I Must Do My Part." The last songs were sung by the 4th and 5th grade chorus and their theme was "You Always Reap What You Sow." The songs had great messages and all the music and words were written by the music teacher!

This is 3rd grade and Samuel is in the front row, far left.

Starting in 3rd grade, they get to learn the recorder:) We have heard a lot of squeaky notes around here all year! Those are the recorders hanging around their necks:)
Here are a few really short clips of the concert. Eliana kept bumping my arm, trying to watch what I was recording so sorry about the lack of steadiness. And the lady's head in the way:) Only so much you can do from far away with a camera phone!
The first clip are the first graders (with Z), the second is the recorder song by the third graders and the 3rd clip are the 3rd graders singing. Cute!

It was a fun little concert. Eliana said they should do it again tonight:) Happy Friday!


muggalove said...

Well that was awfully cute! Nice job Samuel and Zakkai!

Grandma W said...

Fun to see them in their program. Wish I could see these in person. Love to all. Praying.