Monday, March 10, 2014

Ballerinas, Crazy Boys and Mars!

What do Ballerinas, Crazy Boys and Mars have to do with each other? A lot in this family! They are all related:)

Today Eliana and I went to Kohls on the hunt for some brown pants for the boys, who have a spring concert this week. Apparently, they have to wear green shirts and brown pants. You know....spring....trees....something like that;) Anyways, there is a lot of winter clearancing going on at Kohl's right now and I randomly came across this adorable ballerina leotard!

How cute is this? Eliana wanted to put it on over her pants and be a ballerina for the afternoon. Here she is trying to do a ballerina pose that I was showing her:)

Here is her on-command "happy grin" that she insists on. She's a cutie, this one! She and Baby Anna also scored a set of matching nightgowns on clearance for only a few dollars. They are both happily sleeping in them tonight:)

I see this look a lot from this kid. I think he's practicing for the teenage years. I have a few more years to prepare, right?

He also gives us a lot of these smiles! He's such a funny boy and has such a good sense of humor. does this one! He was nuts after school today and absolutely refused to hold still for a picture...

Our crazy Z-man!

Samuel has been working hard on a school project that's due tomorrow. Thankfully, Ben is very helpful when it comes to these things because it overwhelms me to add one more thing into the mix! Samuel worked hard on it and it looks great!

He's very proud:) He presented it to Zakkai and I tonight at bedtime and we applauded him and called him "Dr Mars," which he thought was funny!

We had a really busy weekend, which is very unusual for us home-bodies:) I went to a baby shower on Saturday with a friend and came home to a frazzled Daddy and an over-tired napless 3 year old who had a terrible time going to sleep. And yesterday after church we were invited to some friends' house to have lunch and meet another family. It was really nice, although exhausting since our social muscles are a little weak, ha. The boys played really well with the other boys and Eliana followed their 13 year old son around like a puppy! He's very sweet and gentle with the little ones and would actually make a great babysitter.

Today we enjoyed a beautiful spring-like day! The sun was out and we made it just over 50 degrees, which felt amazing! It would've been a great walk to school this afternoon, if it wasn't for the puddles and nasty muddy messes all over the sidewalks and street corners. It will be a good long while before the snow is melted and everything is dry. We are just starting to see grass again and I hear a terrible rumor that it is going to snow another few inches tomorrow night. Sigh.

Ah, well, if we have to be cozy inside, at least I have my ballerina, crazy boy and Dr Mars to keep me company:)

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Grandma W said...

I love E's poses! She is so cute. S did a GREAT job on his project! Z's smile is contagious...always has been. I love these three children so much. I pray they come to know, trust, and obey Jesus more as they grow. No matter what. Love to all.