Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Never-Ending Winter.

Long ago, when we were packing up for our move to Chicago, people told us, "There are two seasons in Chicago: Winter (which lasts about 6 months) and Summer." I wasn't sure I believed it. Now I do.

When I opened our heating bill yesterday, I was brutally reminded of what a cold and harsh winter this has been! We are back to the bone-chilling temperatures again, which we notice as soon as we pull back the covers in the morning and attempt to put our feet on the cold, drafty floor.

Our home is definitely not well insulated; freezing in the winter and super hot in the summer., our two main seasons. We very much cherish the few short weeks a year when we get in between temperatures! Even the boys are starting to bemoan the constant cold and icy snow. The other day we were walking home from school and Zakkai suddenly exclaimed, "Mommy, look! Grass!"

It has been so long since we've seen it that it was like seeing an oasis in the desert! Unfortunately, the grass will be covered up tomorrow in the next of our winter storms. I am much too seasoned to say it will be our last!

Zakkai is feeling much better from his illness. I think he has been battling a sinus infection and he hasn't been able to taste his food, which is a big disappointment for someone who enjoys his food so much! Hopefully it will pass soon. Thankfully, everyone else is fairly healthy, a little congestion aside.

There isn't too much else going on, besides just trying to figure out which direction our life is supposed to take. You know, minor things like that:) We are kind of at this stuck, cross-roads place. This really, really (really) long waiting place that has grown stale and we are trying to figure out what is best for our family right now. Ben just happened to pick up the boys' copy of "Oh The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Suess last night and go figure, it really spoke to him about where we are and what life looks like sometimes. If you haven't read it, you should! Dr Suess clearly experienced a lot of things in his life if he was able to write a book like that. It's funny that even the words of a simple kid's book can sometimes touch you.

It would be really nice if there were a big flashing billboard telling us what will happen next or what to do. If you see one of those, let me know, okay?

We are trying to find some fun little things to do together as a family, to offset the serious life discussions:) It helped to have recent birthdays and we do have our upcoming anniversary to look forward to. We've been having fun with Zakkai's new Wii Mario Kart and having some fun races. Eliana has even taken some turns and loves being Baby Princess Peach! Sometimes at night, I'll say, "Goodnight, Baby Peach" and she said, "Good night, Mommy Princess!" She's a little joy, that one!

Here are a few cell phone pics over that past few weeks:

This is our new favorite cereal! It is too expensive to buy more than every once in awhile but wow! It is REALLY good!

I made bread bowls for the first time a month ago and was very impressed that they actually turned out:)

We had them with Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Next time I would make them smaller since they rose SO high and were impossible to finish!

Eliana wanted to match with Baby Anna for church a few weeks ago:)

Ben's mom sent a special Valentine's Day box for the kiddos and in it were these lips that make funny zipping whistling sounds. For the next few days, our home was filled with a joyful noise, even while doing homework!

Even Moosie got a pink one:)

A couple weeks ago on Saturday, we went to one of our favorite nearby libraries to stock up on books. They had ipads that the kids could take a turn on and we let them play for a little bit.

Eliana put a pair of earphones on but I'm almost certain they weren't even working! She likes to feel like she is big like her brothers:)

Last week when I did our grocery shopping for the rest of the month, it was so slushy and gross out that I couldn't bring the bags all the way in the house. I stopped on the towel that I keep by the door for boots/shoes and set the bags down, trip after trip. I noticed Eliana dragging a few bags away and when I was done, this is what I found! She is such a big helper for me:) The funny thing is, she kept telling me, as I was putting away the groceries, "Mama, You are such a good helper!"

Have a great Thursday!


Aunt T said...

I keep lifting your name up to The Lord . Help the Thomas's direct their path!
If only I was rich and could bring you here. I think you would like the weather after living in Chicago this winter. We did have some winter too but it's in between some warmer days. Wed L 27 H 42 THURS.L 21 H55 Friday L45 H 81 and next week we have 2 days of cold again!
Your soup in the bread bowls look so yummy! We love soup!
And isn't Eliana cute with her words!

muggalove said...

We are getting ready for another 6-9 inches of snow by Monday! I have faith that Spring is coming but it's hard to see it at the moment! We are all praying for you, Heidi!

Bethany said...

"Such a good helper"...out of the mouth of babes! So sweet.