Thursday, February 6, 2014

Princess Eliana!

 Eliana received her very first dress-up dress for her birthday and it happened to be a princess dress! She has refused to wear it until yesterday....and now she won't take it off:)

So beautiful!

And sparkly! There is seriously pink glitter everywhere...

The temperature may be bitterly cold today but the sun is shining so brightly that it's melting the snow on the roofs and making wicked-looking icicles!


Today Eliana paired her princess dress (which she begged to sleep in last night but wasn't allowed to...) with a beautiful leopard-print sweatshirt and some light-up Dora tennis shoes. Fashion sense?

She has been so into this Barbie with accessories that she got from my Grandma for Christmas that I pulled out my old Barbies today. She is in heaven!

This may be the year that Barbie Love begins! I have so many wonderful memories of hours and hours of Barbie play growing up and I can't wait to share some with my Missy Girl!

As you may have seen on FB, this morning I came downstairs with Eliana only to find the boys had packed their lunches and unloaded the dishwasher without me saying a word to them! Wow. I said, "Who are you and what have you done with my sons??" They did a great job, too. Samuel made himself a peanut-butter and jelly sandwhich, Z a piece of plain bread (he's strange), they put in a yogurt and some fruit and I only had to add veggies!

Can it be like this every day??

The other night as I was tucking the boys in, Samuel said out of the blue, "You're so beautiful, Mommy!" I was surprised and said, "Wow, thank you!" He said, "You could wear a scruffy dress and you would still look beautiful. Not that you would wear a scruffy dress,....only if you were a caveman. Or cavegirl..." Haha!

The boys just came in from a brief romp in the snow and poor Samuel was in tears with blood running down his chin. One of the neighbor boys hit him in the mouth with some ice and he has a nasty fat lip:( Nothing a little tlc, ice pack and cartoon can't fix. They were such good boys today after all...

Now I need to pull myself together and make dinner. Why do we have to eat dinner every night anyways??

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