Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birthday Celebrations, Pizza and Cute Girls in Pink!

Do I win the prize for most boring blogger ever this week? A medal perhaps? My blog is about as exciting as NBC's Olympic coverage....

Yesterday, we had the honor of making our main guy feel like King of His Mountain! It was Birthentine's Day! The boys and I were up early, sprucing up the place and making a yummy breakfast of homemade biscuits with lemon curd, sausage patties and OJ. A nice change from our standard weekly fare of cereal!

I did something fun this year to show my family that I think they are pretty special! I cut out lots of pink and red hearts, 4 each for the kiddos and 8 for Ben, and wrote on each of theirs something I love about them. I taped the first one by their beds so they would see them first thing, put on on the wall coming downstairs, one at each place at the table and one little one in the boys' lunch boxes. Eliana's were a little lower so she could find them; even one on Baby Anna! Ben's I hid all around the house, like on his desk or on his coffee grinder, a sure place for him to look:)

They all really enjoyed it!

Here is our littlest Valentine, checking out her hearts:)

I loved her outfit and braids yesterday! She was very Valentine-y.

She moved her hearts all around the house all day:)

The kiddos worked very hard on a "Happy B-day Daddy" sign and were very excited to surprise Daddy with it!

So colorful!

The boys hung up all of the streamers:) We had pink from when Eliana was born and red from Z's party last year.

Later in the morning, Ben got suckered into playing with Eliana's dollhouse by a cute little 3 year old:)

They worked hard to set up all the furniture!

Hard to resist a little girl with purple glasses and beautiful blond braids!

Oh and the dimple doesn't help either:)

Giving me the stink eye! She thought she was pretty funny!

We presented our guy with a pizza stone for his birthday, something he has been wanted in hopes of perfecting our homemade pizza! He was really happy about it and is about to use it for the first time tonight.

The reason we didn't have our Friday night pizza is because I treated Ben to lasagna last night! I wasn't sure I was going to do it but I know it is one of his favorite meals and they do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.....

He was thrilled to pieces! He and Zakkai, I should say. They share the same hearty appetites and often like the exact same things:) Eliana declared the "Tasagna" good! I wasn't sure if she would even try it, having an unpredictable 3 year old appetite but she did! She thinks it's "telicious!" ha;) I feasted on salad and breadsticks. Yum. I tried a specially cheese-less tiny corner piece of the lasagna just to be a good sport. I'm pretty sure my taste buds will not change on this one but the sauce was delicious!

We finished our evening with ice cream sundaes and a movie. A nice quiet night! Now tonight, we'll see if we can bring our pizza to a whole new level....


Aunt t said...

Your little Eliana is a darling little girl, so precious! I'm sorry we do get to see her more often. That's a beautiful sign the boys made for their Daddy. Tell them I love all the colors they chose. Very nice!

Emily and Frank said...

Lasagna!! You are a very loving wife!! Frank's favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie, which I despise and still refuse to make it for him, even though he begs and tries to guilt me into doing it every year.
I love our pizza stone so hope you enjoy yours!

Grandma W said...

I love E's pink sweater. She looks so pretty in it. Pink is definitely one of her colors. They did a great job on the Bday decorations. I can tell Z was involved - all of the bright colors. I think the hearts you gave them is such a loving idea. It is more meaningful than anything that can be bought. What a cherished memory for them. Love to all. Praying.

mommyoflove3 said...

Ha, Emily, that makes me laugh! It took me 10 years to break down and make the lasagna....there is still hope for you!

Thank you, Aunt Terri and Kim!