Monday, February 10, 2014

Olypmic Watching and Bookworms.

 We spent most of the weekend, aside from a birthday party and church, holed up inside watching the Olympics! Our good friends treated us with pizza Friday night and stayed to watch the opening ceremonies. I don't think either one of us has ever enjoyed opening ceremonies so much before:) It involved a lot of laughter and jokes, that's for sure!

The boys are just crazy about the Olympics and are loving every minute of being able to watch. They can barely even tear them away from the "boring" sports, even while they are complaining about how boring they are! So far our favorite sports are the ice skating, of course, the snowboarding and the ends of the cross-country skiing/shooting races (what do they call that sport?). The announcer that gets hysterical as each person comes up to the finish line cracks us up! We got Miss E twirling around the living room with the ice skaters last night. It was so cute! I will have to get a video if she does it again...

This little lady got herself a yucky stomach bug on Thursday night/Friday morning and was up allllll night with me. She was pretty puny on Friday and took a 3 hour nap, a rare occurance anymore. She is feeling much better now!

Yesterday she decided to dress in her matching dress with Baby Anna for church and agreed very amicably to pose for pictures:)

The thoughtful pose....

Eliana's best friend! Has there ever been a more loved little baby doll??

We have a couple of birthdays coming up in our household in the next week and a half! First my dearest Valentine will turn more 30ish something on Friday and next week Zakkai will turn SEVEN. Gosh, that's crazy! Wasn't he just our fat little Buddha baby only last week?

Zakkai got to go to a bowling party on Saturday and he loved it! If it's not too expensive, we may try to see if we can go bowling next weekend for his birthday. He was my buddy on Saturday. Ben felt cruddy all day with a sinus infection and Eliana was still so-so. They hung out at home and Samuel played outside while Zakkai and I battled the snow (is this snow storm #47?) to run to the store, the party and to the library. We have lots of books to keep us company on these cold, snowy days now!

All of our kiddos are really into reading these days. Just like Samuel, Zakkai's love for reading has been fueled by the Magic Tree House series! We often find him with a book stashed nearby, sometimes in funny places. And Samuel has gotten into the Hardy Boys series!  I am glad he has finally picked a series that isn't too easy for him. He really loves them and spends long (long) minutes telling me the plot of every one he reads:)

Eliana is into the Fancy Nancy series, or "Fancy Wancy" as she calls her:) It's about a little girl who loves to dress fancy and use fancy words. It's very cute. I wonder if that fueled E's new love for her sparkly princess dress? This promises to be a fun year with her, as she is really getting into dressing up, playing with Barbies and being a fun little girl!

Hope it's a good start to the week!

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Aunt t said...

How did you teach your children to love to read?
Especially, boys at that age! Very interesting!