Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Finished your Christmas shopping yet? If you haven't, avoid the stores at all costs!!! Eliana and I did a little last minute shopping on Monday and stood in really long lines. Apparently, I actually need to try to do my shopping early like all the smart people. I may actually do that one of these days....

Eliana is just loving winter and Christmas right now:) She loves to play in the snow and do fun activities inside. I really need to find some Christmas crafts to do with her before we leave next week! Zakkai pulled out these dried colored noodles a few days ago and Eliana decided he had a pretty good idea! She plays for a long time while I cook in the kitchen and then cleans it all up and puts it away! Pretty good deal, if you ask me:)

I promised E that we would walk to the library so yesterday we bundled up after a fresh snow fell and walked to the library. I did it in hopes that it would wear her out! Doesn't she look so cute in her snow pants? They are so big on her because she inheirited my short legs~oops! I brought our red wagon for the ride home and she was looking pretty sleepy by then!

We picked out some good books at the library and then we stopped to color at the table where they always keep crayons and seasonal coloring pages. She wanted me to color, too, and kept saying, "Oh, Mama, that's SO pretty! Good job."

I made these cute little wallet/purses for my nieces in CO for Christmas! I got the pattern at a specialty sewing store in Oh over Thanksgiving and my niece specifically asked for one of these. I hope she likes it!
They have cute little pockets inside:) I made one for Eliana, too, and this morning she asked me to wrap it up like a present (just like her cousins') and she went and stuck it under our little Charlie Brown tree:) Such a cutie!
The boys have Christmas parties at school tomorrow...or "holiday parties," if I want to be politically correct. Which I don't! It is a little irksome that they can have Halloween crafts up the wazoo, and tons of Hannukah activities but NO Christmas activities. Wouldn't want to bring up the offensive baby Jesus in school. It's so silly that every other holiday or religion is welcomed and eagerly celebrated but we can't teach our kids in school the true meaning of the holiday called Christmas.
At least we can teach them at home! And that we do. But as I saw on a recent blog, which I really liked, we don't need to teach our kids that Jesus is important only at Christmastime. We need to make Him important everyday. Love it!
The boys are counting down the days and very excited to celebrate with family and we are praying our Grandpa-Great will be home from rehab in time to celebrate with us!

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Grandma W said...

E looks so cute in her snow suit. The little clutch purses are adorable. You are so talented! I am excited to see you all next week.

I wish my grandchildren could grow up in a world where their school would call Christmas what it is - CHRISTMAS!! I pray everyday that as they get older, God would give them his grace to stand firm against the twisted culture we live in, and they would be bright, shining lights for him. I am so thankful you and B are teaching them and sharing important values with them. Love to all.