Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm Ba-ack!

 I took an inadvertent blog break this past week for a few reasons, one being I couldn't sign in due to Google. Anyone else having Google issues? I had to go in through a different browser to even sign in. Weird!

We have had a busy weekend with a lot of church activities and a birthday party for Z! Yesterday our church had an event called Spirit Village where volunteers dressed up and there were different stations where you could buy things for people in poorer countries. For example, at the livery you could pay $1 and "buy" a chicken for a family or at the apothecary you might pay $10 and buy medicine for someone for a month. It's a very neat way to teach your children that Christmas is about giving, not receiving! There was also a petting zoo (inside the church!) and music, amazing balloonist and even a lunch if you stayed that long. It was really neat!

Then this afternoon we braved the snow and went to an awesome concert at our church! It was part of Handel's "Messiah" and a Carol Fest, with really beautiful renditions of Christmas carols. The performers were a mixture of people from the church who sing in the choir and professional musicians and even opera singers! The boys sat through it all; Eliana did not fare so well and I ended up running down the aisle with her having a very loud meltdown. It was very embarassing! She ended up playing with other kids in the childcare:)

Here are a few pics from last week and this week! Eliana got a belated bday gift from one of my sisters, which included a pack of lip gloss. She was completely obsessed with the lip gloss the whole weekend! I got several coats of it, Baby Anna got some and she told Samuel if he was a good boy, he could have some, too:)

Aunt Gretchen got the three youngest girls adorable Christmas outfits, which we had to try to capture on camera. Not very easy with an 18 month old, a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 year old! Aren't they sweet, though?!

Three little princesses!

Plain City has some beautiful sunsets! Maybe because the land is so flat so you can see the whole sky. I tried to capture a quick picture on our way to my Gma's one night. The sky looked like it was on fire, with swirls and artistic designs!

This was Eliana after 2 days in Ohio:) She hasn't napped well since she turned 3 but all the crazy to and fro wore this girl out! She fell asleep about 3 minutes after getting in the car from visiting Grandma. Zakkai wasn't far after....

This past week, we had Chicken Tostadas with homemade tortillas! Deeeeeelicious! Eliana saw me getting out mixing bowls and she immediately started dragging over a chair so she could help me:) She rolled out almost every tortilla! With a little bit of help...;)

Zakkai had an assignment in school to write a letter to Farmer MacNugget about why he shouldn't eat turkey for Thanksgiving. He wrote, "Dear Farmer Mac Nugget,

Please don't eat me for Thanksgiving dinner. I have worms in my stomach. I am not tasty. I eat bugs. I have no meat. Eat ham and cupcakes and macaroni and cheese and pizza. Eat cookies and cake. I have yucky things in my stomach like bugs and dirt and worms. I am dirty. Please do not eat me.

The Zakkai Turkey

Isn't he something?!

Over Thanksgiving, Papa set up a really awesome army battle for the older boy grandchildren! He seriously spent hours setting it all up, staged and ready for action! He did it in their garage and put space heaters to make it warm. I wish you could've heard their gasps and yells of delight when he opened the door and they saw it! They spent a couple hours playing and had such a great time. They couldn't stop talking about it! Papa's pretty awesome:)

And I'll leave you with a picture of Eliana napping this week with Baby Anna all tucked inside her shirt:) Sweet dreams!

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