Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

 Happy Easter! We had a very full day on Sunday, which has been unusual for us in the past few years. We stopped traveling for Easter awhile ago, being such a short weekend. (Guess what? In Ohio, they actually get Good Friday off of school! Gasp!) So, we haven't had Easter with anyone for a long time.

We got two Easters this year to make up for it:)

I forced them to pose for me before church! I absolutely cannot believe how much they have grown. Especially Samuel! We measured him last night and he's grown an inch since Christmas! Man, they are a good-lookin' crew!!

Eliana had too many cute dresses to choose from (the pitfalls of having a girl;) so I let her choose one for church (the above white/blue sailor dress) and I chose one for family gatherings (this adorable pink one!) Then I embarrassed my boys (can you guess who, specifically??) by asking them to kiss their sister:)

Ben's aunt was sweet enough to take a few family pictures for us! They are so few and far between that I never say no to that!! I do wish Eliana was smiling a bit more (but that is hard to do when the sun is in your eyes!) and that my hair didn't look quite so lions-manish but overall, pretty cute!

The kiddos were blessed with two Egg hunts and we were stuffed with delicious food.

But best of all, the service at church was so so beautiful and touching and I walked away full of the hope of a Risen Savior!

Happy Easter!

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