Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eliana in Stitches.

 What would our life be like without a little added excitement?! We actually had a very good day today, with some personal encouragement I will share another day. We got back in the afternoon after grocery shopping and 10 minutes later, just after putting away the last of the groceries, I heard a really loud "THUNK" and came around the corner to see that Eliana had fallen off a chair and hit the corner of the tv table.

From her reaction, both my grandma and I knew that she really hurt something. I picked her up and started the mommy process of checking out her body and trying to figure out where she was hurt when I saw blood all over my hands. I checked her mouth immediately but quickly realized it was her head when she kept reaching up to grab it. There was blood dripping all over the place so I rushed her to the bathroom and called Ben up to get some ice. We determined pretty quickly that she needed to go get some stitches so off we went.

I called my mom on the way and she offered to come with us which was such a big help, as we had trouble finding the place! There was a children's hospital ER/urgent care attached to the main hospital nearby and that's where we went. Aside from Eliana being hurt, it was a great experience. Every single person we came in contact with was SO nice and helpful!

The cut is on the back left side of her head so they had to wrap it all around to keep the cotton with numbing gel on her head for a little while. She looks like a war victim! She was so so good while we were there.

Waiting for stitches...

She laid perfectly still on the bed while the lady put 3 stitches in her head. Thankfully they didn't have to shave her hair! My mom read a book with her to distract her. Then they gave her a popsicle because she was an angel!

We came back and I gave her a quick bath right away to wash all the blood out of her hair and she snuggled with my mom and her cousin while we got dinner ready. She did great until right when I tucked her into bed and she reached up and felt the stitches and kind of freaked out. It was like she hadn't even realized she had gotten them until that moment. I had to calm her down and explain why the stitches were there and that she wasn't to touch them! She was so worn out from everything and as I was leaving the room she said, "Thank you for taking me to the hospital, Mommy. That was very nice of you."

She's a sweetie! Just wish she wasn't all stitched up!

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Emily and Frank said...

Oh, no! Hope she is on the mend!