Monday, July 21, 2014

A New Zoo!

 We were gifted with a Columbus Zoo pass and we've already gone twice! It's a really big zoo and even after two trips, we haven't seen it all!

On the first trip, we went with Ben's mom (a.k.a. Grandma!), and the boys' cousins on his side of the family. Even though it was pretty hot out, they had a really great time together!

Last week I decided to get out of the house and took the kids to the zoo myself. It was a gorgeous day, 76 and sunny and the zoo was SO crowded but still fun! We got to check out the new Africa exhibit, which was cool. Like looking out onto the Savannah.


My favorite!

My cuties!

They climbed inside an old WWII airplane and stood in line to "fly" it. The boys took such good care of Eliana!

I see a cutie in the window!

We saw Cheetas...

And found more giraffes! There were 9 giraffes in all. Wow!

This one was trying so hard to reach some plants..

His buddy came over to help..

You could almost reach out and pet them!

There were 4 bald eages

And 2 elephants! We haven't seen elephants in a long time because our zoo at home lost their elephants a few years ago.

Zakkai's favorite were the tigers! This one came up eye to eye with this man.

The animals were wide awake because it was so nice out.

This is probably my favorite picture!

We had a really good time together and are planning on going back soon while we can!

Next up....the Steam Threshers Parade!

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