Friday, July 11, 2014

Birthdays and Waiting!

I am so out of my routine that blogging has fallen by the wayside! I have been meaning to blog all week but am staying up waaaay too late, now that we're social every day:)

My cousin and her family have been in town this week from TX, which has been SO fun. We haven't gotten to spend good time together in the past few years and this week I have gotten to meet and fall in love with her sweet miracle baby!

It will be lonely when they leave tomorrow:(


Nothing much has changed with our situation, which has been incredibly frustrating. We are praying hard for some answers and a door to open for us. My grandparents have to submit a letter to the board of their community to ask if we an stay here a little longer, which is really hard. The meeting is next Thursday so I am praying that we will have an answer by then. Will you pray with me??


We celebrated some birthdays this week! I feel terribly guilty that I didn't give my boy his birthday blog post! I will have to post some pictures tomorrow. Our sweet Samuel turned 9 years old on Sunday! We didn't have a big party or anything but I told him next year will be a good year for that. (10 IS a big birthday, after all!) I made some waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, we tried out a new church in the morning and after a rest in the afternoon, we met some family for ice cream at one of the best places in Columbus; Graeter's. Yum! Samuel got every thing he wanted for his birthday! He got a pogo stick, soccer cleats and a canvas and some paints. He was a happy boy!

And then 2 days later, I got older (yea)! The boys woke me up early, making lots of noise. I stumbled out of the room to scold them, only to find that they had colored a homemade sign and hung it up on the wall for me. A big banner spelling out, "Happy B-day Mommy!" Well, who could be grumpy after that??

Samuel painted me a picture on one of his new canvases and Zakkai colored the wrapping paper:) They were so sweet to me all day, just wanting to make sure I had a really good day and felt loved. I had to spend the morning getting a new driver's license since mine was expiring. Doesn't everyone want to spend their birthday at the BMV? :)

But it turned out well with a pizza dinner with family and a homemade ice cream cake from my beloved husband! We don't usually get to celebrate birthdays with family around so it's a really nice change!

Hopefully I will have some good updates soon....praying and hoping!

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