Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Need Your Help!!

Even if you are not a regular commenter and just a blog lurker, please come out of the woodwork and help me! I need some feedback and ideas for something!

I am planning a good-bye party for my soccer-lovin' boys in a few weeks right before we move. It is going to be super simple (as in, we already have enough on our plates so no pinterest party here!!). It will be a soccer theme at our nearby park/soccer field. We will play soccer games, eat cupcakes, have the kids sign a book for the boys and that's it!

What do I need help with? The invitations!!

1) How would you word a good-bye party invitation? Possibly using soccer theme words like "kick" (ing) or rhyming sentences?

2) I was going to do a good-bye/birthday party for Samuel but how can I do that when half the kids invited will be Zakkai's friends? Separate invitations to each group for same party? Or should I just stick with good-bye party only?

Here is my latest idea. Please tell me what you would change!

"Samuel and Zakkai are moving away
And want to spend some time with you and play.
Come kick around a soccer ball, enjoy some cupcakes,
and time with good friends as we say good-bye!"


"Samuel and Zakkai are moving away
And want you to kick around with them for a day.
Please come and enjoy some soccer, cupcakes and
help make a special memory for your friends!"

I have no idea. The internet is no help at all either with kids good-bye parties. I know it's crazy to throw a party in the mix but it will mean a lot to my boys as they are feeling sad over leaving their friends.

Okay, help!


Emily said...

Samuel and Zakkai are moving away
And want you to kick around with them for a day.
Please come and enjoy some soccer and a cupcake
They will treasure all the memories we'll make!

Love, the blog lurker ;-)

grandma said...

I liked the first one but both are wonderful..Are the invatations going to be soccer balls..and do all the kiddos coming play soccer? You are are so brave doing this when you are moving..Maybe it will make it easier for your boys..

Emily and Frank said...

I like the first one.
I can't believe you're taking this on on top of everything else- you're nuts! But a momma that loves her kiddos!!