Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekend Travels!

Man, what a week! I have hardly had time to think, let along take the time to blog! There has been so much going on and my days have been filled to the brim. I am not used to having such full days so it is hard to get used to!

One thing I have been working hard on is getting new doctors for all of us. It has taken a lot of time to get established here and things are finally getting put in place for us to get doctors. It has taken me literally hours over the past 2 weeks to make multiple phone calls and get paperwork sent here and there and meet doctors, etc. We've been fighting to get Ben his medicine to tide him over until we can meet our new doctor. He has to use a nasal spray daily for the rest of his life and he has been out for 2 months now. He got away with it for a month because he used up my prescription spray I had from a sinus infection last winter but then he had to resort to over the counter crap which has done nothing. I knew, when he was awake at 3:30am a couple days ago unable to breathe well or sleep, that something had to be done! I can be a mama hen when I need to:)

So, hopefully we can get all of that settled asap. I met the kids' new pediatrician yesterday and loved her and the office! I am excited to get that all finished up and start making long over-due appointments for everyone. Hooray!

It has taken so long for us to really get settled here. Everything is coming in slow increments, which has been hard. We are adjusting though and overall doing really well.

Tomorrow Eliana, my mom and I are headed to visit one of my sisters in VA! We are having a girls' weekend there (well, my brother in law will be there so...almost!) and the boys are having a boys' weekend here! Ben is really looking forward to some good time with the boys. He even took the day off of work Saturday to be with them which will be so good for all of them. Samuel and Zakkai are really sad that we are leaving but I think they will have a good time. I wonder if I should be worried that I am not here to keep them all from getting themselves in trouble;)

So, I will be back in a few days with pictures and stories and hopefully update a little better! Happy Weekend!

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