Monday, November 24, 2014

First Snow!

Within a few hours of arriving back home last weekend, snow started falling! I admit that I was skeptical when I heard we were supposed to be getting snow because weather people are known for their dramatic predictions of winter storms. But they were right this time!

We awoke to a winter wonderland! The trees looked so pretty.

The boys had no idea that it snowed through the night so I led them into our room, covering their eyes and surprised them:)

Turned out the boys had a 2 hour delay (something completely unheard of in Chicago!!) that morning so the kiddos played in the snow for awhile.

The boys taught Eliana how to make snow angels! She was so cute laying there in the snow:)

I was exhausted from our weekend but had to run to the store to get a few things. This is exactly how I felt;)

Last Tuesday night Eliana had a birthday party for a preschool buddy at Chuck E. Cheese. She had a great time but let me just say that that is NO place to go when you have a headache!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we borrowed some pruning gear to attach the monstrously overgrown bushes in front of our condo. Ben went at them with a vengeance!!

The boys took a turn, too. Here's Samuel giving it a try...

I love Zakkai's face in this one! He loves doing things like this:)

Eliana pretty much hung around watching and narrating on their work. We had a huge pile of brush after B was done. Thankfully the landscaping people came a few days later and cleaned it up for us!

We also signed up to do Operation Christmas Child at church. The kiddos each did their own box and had so much fun going from table to table filling them up and writing letters or drawing pictures for their child. Love these cuties!

Eliana took so long coloring her picture that we had to speed her up a little bit. As you can see, we were the last ones in there!

Daddy helping:)

Now we are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving but this year, we actually don't have to travel!! It will make a world of difference not to hop in the car and follow all the other traveling sheep on Wednesday night. Woohoo!

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