Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Birthday Festivities!

 We did some more celebrating for our Missy Girl's birthday this weekend! I'll give you one guess as to the theme:) (hint: every single girl in America!!!)

This was the night of her actual birthday. We saved her presents for when Daddy got home and after dinner and blueberry cupcakes! (which were really good, by the way!)

Opening a present from her Aunt C. What could it be?


Proud big brother:) He and Zakkai work really hard to make any family member's birthday really special! They made Eliana very sweet cards.

Z-man! Growing up so much these days!

Oooh, an Elsa crown and shoes from her brothers!! The perfected compliments to her Elsa dress:)

And her very first Lego Friends set! She got Rapunzel and loves it! The boys loved helping her put it together!

This past Sunday we threw a little family party for our sweet girl! Frozen-themed, of course! I was intimidated by all the crazy Frozen cakes out there on pinterest so I just decided to go with the colors and some snowflakes and I really love how it turned out!

It was a strawberry cake with buttercream frosting! Mmm...

She loved it!

Speaking of the birthday girl.....Ready for celebrating!

She LOVED all the attention from our families:) Her first real birthday party!

Smiling for Grandma:) She requested that I make her hair just like Elsa's. I asked how that was and she said with a braid and over to the side around her shoulder. So cute!

She finally agreed to put the cape on and ended up loving it! Silly girl...Her happiness is such a joy to us. She is sweet!

Always ready with a big "cheese" for every picture:)

I put on a little "Jim Gill" music for a little while and Z, Eliana and their cousin Little E, sat right down like it was a movie or something;)

We shamelessly pulled out the boys' fundraiser booklets for family to look through:) They didn't seem to mind!

Papa and Grandma!

Uncle T!

The table decorated with shades of aqua and blue.

Frozen napkins, of course!

These are special Frozen flowers that Ben gave Eliana on her birthday:) She absolutely loved her special flowers! He's going to raise the bar awfully high for any future suitors....:)

Ooh, present time!

The boys are always ready to help with opening presents!

Happy girl!

My sweet niece!

This Elsa doll from Ben's mom was the piece de resistance! Eliana ADORES it! She sings "Let It Go" and we were hearing that by 7:30am the next morning, haha! She came with a little Olaf and Eliana loves him, too.

Showing Grandpa-Great her doll!

E had such a good time and felt like such a special girl. Love how she is easy to love and bring joy, too! Happy Birthday, Eliana! (again!)


dwilliams said...

Too cute!! Seriously impressed you made her dress!

Charity said...

Little E's bangs are so cute! They fit her well. Glad Big E had a fun birthday!

Aunt Terri said...

The cake turned out so beautifully! and I heard it was delicious...Eliana's dress is amazing! You sew like your Mom. I was not blessed with that talent. :(

grandma said...

HI Heidi I'm back..I guess with you living right here I forgot to look at your blog..So Sorry..Love the pictures of E Birthday..We all had a lovely time..It's so fun to look at the special look on the face of a Birthday child..E never stopped smiling ..What a delight and I might add the food was so good..Loved everything..and you all too!