Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oliver Twist!

 Warning! There is kitten cuteness overload ahead!!

Since Christmas, we have been anxiously awaiting our weekend of travel to get our new "baby," as we call him:) A week and a half ago, we hopped in the car after Ben got home from work and drove to Chicago. I think most people thought we were a little crazy driving so far for a cat but most people don't really understand what this kitten means to us. It's actually hard to put into words.

We started dreaming of him when things were falling apart in Chicago and we were making our choice to leave or stay. He became a goal for us, a sign of hope and healing, maybe. So we started our Kitty Jar and all five of us, and a few other people along the way, added to it little by little and it's hard to believe he's finally here!

We had another good reason for going to Chicago, too~we got to spend a little bit of time with our dear friends, whom we have missed so much! It was far too short of a time but we were able to get in a little play time with their adorable boys and catch up a little over some amazing flourless chocolate cake! (mmmm, my mouth is watering, remembering!

This was our first glimpse of our baby! The breeder brought him out and we all melted into a puddle and unanimously agreed that he was way cuter than we had hoped for:) He ended up in Ben's arms, purring, while I signed papers, etc. Darling!

Oliver is a Blue Minx Mitted Ragdoll. The Blue Mitted part means that he has gray ears, a tail and nose, and white "mitts" on his front paws and all white back paws. The minx part means that his fur is a blend of colors (cream, gray and a hint of a brownish-gray color) instead of being just cream (which it would be if he was only blue mitted.) And of course, his eyes are a beautiful blue, as Ragdolls are supposed to be!

He slept in his carrier almost the whole 7 hours home, except for a brief stint in my arms. I couldn't resist!!

Look at those baby blues!

He has quickly adjusted to his new home! His favorite place to sleep is behind my head on my pillow:)

After a few days, we let him check out our school room and he found a safe spot to nap!

He is a snuggle-bug! He loves to climb right up by my face and purr his little heart out and sleep! Sometimes he gets into such a deep sleep, he rolls down and I catch him in my hand and he stays asleep:)

Running up and down the stairs is exhausting!

He is everything we hoped for and dreamed of and we are all crazy about him! Welcome, Oliver Twist!


grandma said...

What beautiful kitty He is ..Those eyes so blue..What a fun time you all are having and I might say spoiling him..His own special diet..My poor Gracie only got Iams and if I tried to change her diet now she would not eat at all..Such a fussy kitty we have..Oliver will bring happy times for a long time..Love Gram

Kim Welsh said...

Oliver is a cutie. He is one blessed cat....and he is a blessing. I suppose he is growing some by now...much love to all SIX of you.

Kim Welsh said...

Oliver is a cutie. He is one blessed cat....and he is a blessing. I suppose he is growing some by now...much love to all SIX of you.