Monday, October 5, 2015

New House!

We are all moved in and finally got our internet hooked up today! As much as I try not to be too techy-internety, it is amazing how hard it is to live without!

We are settling in little by little. We even hung our first thing on the wall yesterday:) One very good sign about this place is that we are rapidly giving away/recyling our boxes. A year ago when we moved, I saved every single box that was salvageable! We all really love it here and can't wait to show pictures:)

One crazy thing we have done is to put all three kids in the SAME room!! It is a huge room so Eliana has her own cute girly corner and the boys have their stinky boys corner. (Hey, boys really are stinky!!) They all  LOOOOVE it! Eliana so much that it's hard to get her to go to sleep. But that's really not a new thing with her.....She was super lonely in her old bedroom and would constantly say, "Mommy, I'm all alone in here with just my elephants and Hoppy and my stuffed animals and no persons!"

We are using the 3rd bedroom as our study/school room! We have some adorable old fashioned school desks that my mom got for the kids and our bookshelves and it is really wonderful. It is so much better than having it in our kitchen!

The layout of our new-to us (but really old!) house is much better than our last place. It has really cool nooks and crannies and built in shelves and cabinets, which I just love. We have adjusted really easily so far to having just one bathroom. That's right folks, just one bathroom for all five of us! It's a huge bathroom and has lots of storage and I am thrilled to pieces to not have to clean three bathrooms anymore:)

We are trying to get back into school routines and life routines again. Everything gets thrown so out of whack when you move! This is going to be a good change for us, I think. We are very thankful! Pictures soon!


Emily and Frank said...

I've been thinking of you and your move lately. Glad to hear you're getting settled and that you like it! Can we come for a sleepover sometime? :)

Grandma said...

So happy to have you here in this small town of Plain City..WE so pray you love it..You are so handy to the Library and most of all to your Mom and Grandpa and I..It sure makes it wonderful..We are very thankful..