Friday, August 1, 2014

Parks and Recreation!

 One day last week, Ben dropped the kiddos and I off at the Park of Roses while he went to a meeting. It was a super hot day so we were wilting rather quickly! I snapped a few cute pictures before we melted:)

Lots of beautiful roses! They were just past their prime but still really pretty.

Without me even saying a word, my 3 darlings started sitting together on the bench to watch the waterfall. They looked so cute!

I asked the boys to scoot a little closer to Eliana and next thing I knew, the boys put their arms around their little sis and it was picture perfect! Just wish I'd had my nice camera instead of my phone...

We saw beautiful yellow roses.

Gorgeous coral colored roses!

Pink for Eliana!

A view from high above:)

We had to combat the extreme heat with constant trips to the water fountain and water on their heads! The boys were seriously due for a haircut!

A few days later, we took a trip to the park! It was a really nice day, as it has been for most of the summer.

We were spending time with the kiddo's cousin, E. She loves our three and constantly yells out, "Cousins!!!"

We were bored one morning and my aunt called to let us know that there was a speed limit checker out on the street and she saw some kids racing to check their speed. We thought that was a great idea and headed out for some fun! Zakkai consistently ran 11 miles per hour!

Samuel was 11 most of the time and sometimes all the way up to 12!

Eliana was too little to activate the checker so the boys ran with her at her speed:) She was about 5 miles per hour and very proud!

We found yet another park in our travels at the beginning of this week and stopped for a little much-needed energy release!


We spotted these at the store yesterday. They are called "Jack fruit." Weird! They were really spikey and very heavy! Anyone ever tried one?

These beautiful flowers are growing in my mom's little backyard! So beautiful!

a few sweet moments! Eliana talked her Grandma-Great into reading a library book with her:)

My mom popped by to see if I wanted to go on a bike ride the other night just as I was getting my trio to bed. They quickly talked their Mugga into reading them a bedtime story and she, like most Grandmas, couldn't refuse!

Our kiddos are soaking up the extra love from their Mugga, Grandma, Grandma-great, Grandpa-great, Papa and aunts! They are getting extra hugs, ice cream, trips to the pool and the park and their very own fan clubs at soccer games!

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grandma said...

How fun is this to have the Thomas with us..What will we do with out all the excitement that they bring..Grandpa and I will be so lonely with they go to there special home that the Lord has for them!